Hands-on with the Surface Go 2

Today’s the day, the Surface Go 2 is here, and in the not too distant future, so will the Surface Book 3. For now, I am going to focus on the Go 2 as that’s the device in my hands and it is also the lowest-priced Surface you can buy today.

The Surface Go 2 starts at $399 and goes north from there but at that price, you get a Pentium Gold 4425Y but if you spend a little bit more, you can get an 8th Gen Core m3 process which is what my review unit has behind the glass. You can also opt for either WiFi or LTE as well but there are no 5G options.

There is one primary difference, aside from the bumped internal specs, when compared to the first-generation device: the screen is larger and comes in at 10.5inches versus the original Go’s 10in display. You can watch the video above for a bit more information about the device and my first impressions, a much deeper review will be coming in about a week.

At first glance, the Go 2 is a good upgrade over the original Go but I need more time to do performance benchmarking to see how much better the paper improvements materialize in the real world.

I have always liked the size of the Go and the slightly larger screen is welcomed; it’s a device for the education segment or first-line workers. Especially since it’s still in the same chassis as the first-generation device and considering it starts at the same price point, nothing was sacrificed for the additional pixels.

The Go is the entry point for the Surface family and even though it has a low entry point, it still must adhere to the high-quality bar the rest of the Surface family has established. If you have any questions about the Go 2, let me know.